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3 Ways to Look Better on Zoom

More professional interactions are happening via Zoom and other video-calling apps, and I don’t think that will be changing anytime soon. Just like an in-person meeting or job interview, it’s important that you look your best on video calls. Here are a few ways to do just that.

Fix Your Lighting

It’s usually not cameras that make people look good – it’s the lighting. If the lighting is bad, you won’t look your best. Avoid overhead lighting and backlighting. Ring lights are reasonably priced and widely available. Just play around with the intensity and placement once you set it up. You don’t want have “hotspots” – bright spots on your forehead and nose. If you see those, turn the lighting down. On a budget? The best place for you to set up is usually in front of a window.

Adjust Your Camera

This usually involves raising your camera by propping up your laptop on books or getting a stand for your iPad. To look your best, you want your webcam to be at (or just above) eye-level. That’s how people normally see you in person, and it’s what they subconsciously expect. Make sure you’re looking at the camera. An easy way to make sure you do, is to put a post-it or red sticker by the camera. It will remind you to always look there and you’ll get into the habit quickly.

Check Your Staging

Remember that everything in view on your Zoom reflects on you – good or bad.

If you are at home or in an office, then make sure that the area is neat and tidy. Be careful about every element in the frame. Each will communicate and either add to or detract from your message. Consider adding some personal elements in the background to underscore your personality. Some recommendations include:

  • Family photos

  • Plants

  • Art

  • Objects that show your hobbies (cycling, music, literature, etc.)

Now go shine virtually like you do in-person!

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