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Amy Porterfield on the Magic of Online Marketing

Former corporate professional Amy Porterfield walked away from a well-paying job and has not looked back since.

Today, she is an online marketing expert and CEO of a multi-million dollar business, impacting the lives of more than 40,000 entrepreneurs. On Sunday, she appeared as a guest on "The Shelly Bell Show," where she talked about the magic of online marketing and why we should all be incorporating it into our businesses.

"When I think of online marketing, I look at it all. Creating content. Posting on social. Growing my email list. Doing webinars. Putting together funnels... all of that is online marketing. I don't love social media. I wish I loved it," says Porterfield to cohosts Shelly Omílàdé Bell and Takia Ross. "But I do it because it's part of the business. If I didn't do social media, I would struggle to grow my email list. If I didn't have an email list, I would struggle to sell. So to me, it's all-encompassing. All that stuff we do online to attract our audience. Resonate with our audience. Get them into our world. Nurture our audience and eventually sell and support our audience."

"When you have a digital course, it's something you can launch over and over and over again for consistent revenue. So number one, you can scale your business with the course. Number two, it puts you on the map as that go-to source. So back in the day, I used to teach Facebook marketing through a digital course," Porterfield explained.

According to Emarsys, approximately 3.2 billion social media users are active every day--42% of the population. A solid online marketing plan will reach a wider audience and translate into more sales for your business.

"I was known as a Facebook marketing expert. People would come to me to speak and to podcasts. They knew what I was about when I transitioned the business. And now I teach people how to create courses. I am known for that. They know when to call me up, and they know where to spend their money. They know how I can serve. Being known for something very specific can skyrocket your business. So that's one of the huge values of a digital course that you launch a few times a year," says Porterfield.

"The Shelly Bell Show" airs Sundays at 12 pm ET on SiriusXM Urban View (Channel 126)

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