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Celebrity Doula, Latham Thomas, on Business and Intuition

Image credit: Mama Glow

Celebrity Doula, Latham Thomas, is the founder of Mama Glow --- global maternity education org offering doula services and fertility resources to expectant and new mamas.

Inspired by the pregnancy and birth of her son, Thomas decided to create Mama Glow to help other mothers-to-be "feel their most radiant and powerful."

Named one of Oprah Winfrey's Super Soul 100, Thomas' organization offers a globally recognized doula immersion program (where they train people to become doulas), a virtual Doula Homeschool program and more.

Shelly Omilâdé Bell (Omi) interviewed Thomas on a recent episode of "The Shelly Bell Show" on Sirius XM Urban View.

In one part of the show, Thomas opened up about intuitive business.

"Intuition is incredible. It is an intelligence and it's not supported in spaces like this. So when we think about business. Business development. Personal growth....personal growth seems like its own area. And self-help," she shared.

"But then you think about business and business development and entrepreneurship and you look at what people are teaching people there, and what the resources are there...people are not asking you to prime yourself in ways that help you really listen to the signals that are happening within to listen to your body. To listen to the wisdom that comes through your body, to look at the signs that show up in your life and what and how you respond to that energy that shows up like this is actually, I would say subverted."

Latham believes emotions and business go hand in hand.

"As a practice you're told to actually move without feeling and to not connect with sensation because it could lead you to being sensitive and emotional or irrational," she continues. "I mean, we look at our stock markets, they're moved by emotions, right? Everything is emotion. It's emotional. Everything is emotion.So you have to connect with that. And I believe the intuition is an intelligence that's integral to the growth of the business."

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