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Entrepreneurship is a Boxing Match

As we go into the long weekend I am reminded of all the wins I had this week. Amazing partnership calls. Planning the launch of the Shell Bell Show. Hard news about employees shifting. A 2-day intensive planning session with my leadership team. I am reflecting on the day I went to get that wood to build a tent in my living room to rent it out. I remember that I was mindless about my success meaning I was in "by any means necessary" mode. I heard people telling me I was crazy but I wasn't really listening. It was like they were a muffled crowd of hecklers in the nosebleeds. My energy was thunder. I felt like they could hear me but they couldn't see me for real. I didn't even worry about them because I saw me. I saw what I wanted to create and I DID NOT see myself working for anyone long-term. Taking jabs and protecting yourself from blows is the nature of being a builder of anything. Whether you are building a new business segment at a job, a new business or keeping a current business going you stick and move. There is no one loss more significant than the last because the game doesn't stop. There's only a collection of engagements where you focus on living to fight another day. You got this!

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