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How to Monetize Clubhouse

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Tonight we spent two hours brainstorming as a community on how to monetize clubhouse.

How to Monetize Clubhouse

Monetizing using clubs and rooms:

  • Create brand partnerships.

  • Creating sponsored rooms.

  • Free club and paid club or membership.

  • Speaking about what you’re doing on stage.

  • Launch your product or service from clubhouse.

  • Ask Me Anything (AMA) and charge via CashApp.

  • Live notetaking in rooms - get hired by clubs to take notes.

  • Paid club memberships (could include microrant programs).

  • Create clubhouse conferences and panels with paid access.

  • Creating a pop-up shop where people can share their businesses.

  • Room recaps via blogging and youtube and including affiliate links.

  • Create special events with an interview - one of a kind experiences.

  • Recording your own voice and sell back the audio - clubhouse replay.

  • If you're speaking on stage give product discounts for people in rooms.

  • Place a lead generator in your bio that leads people to a course or your merch.

  • Offering discounts for your courses or products and making the announcement from the stage.

  • Writing clubhouse bios that help members share who they are and lead people to visit their platforms.

  • Negotiating advisor equity in startups who have shared that they need access to your skill set.

Tips on monetizing using data and relationships:

  • Keeping track of questions and usernames.

  • Track how well questions are received and repeatedly asked.

  • Group the questions and create rooms based on those questions.

  • Reach out to people who have asked questions, record the answers to each question and send it to the person.

  • Offer them an opportunity to hear more answers by subscribing to a low cost subscriptions.

  • Create mini trainings based on the needs that people have expressed.


Robinne Eller
Robinne Eller
Nov 13, 2020

@pixel_envy on IG


Robinne Eller
Robinne Eller
Nov 13, 2020

Loved your show tonight on CH! Thanks for this blog! Let’s connect!

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