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Make a Playlist: Rip you out the plastic, you’ve been acting brand new!

plus sized black woman enjoying music

There's something magical about the power of music—it has the ability to lift our spirits, heal our souls, and transport us to a different time and place. Sometimes I need to hear someone telling a story that is NOT mine! Then some days I need songs that places exactly how I am feeling to a beat I can rock to.

Creating a daily playlist has become my personal ritual of self-care. Each week, I curate a collection of songs that resonate with my emotions and aspirations for the day ahead. If I don’t have time to create a playlist from scratch I add to a playlist I currently have. From uplifting anthems that energize me to soulful melodies that bring peace to my mind, my playlist becomes the soundtrack of my life. Sometimes it's “ratchet, twerk trap music.”

Music has an uncanny way of evoking memories and emotions. As I listen to familiar tunes, I'm transported back in time—to moments of celebration, love, or even moments of personal struggle. The power of these melodies lies not only in their catchy rhythms but also in the emotions they evoke, reminding me of the beauty of the human experience.

Beyond the nostalgia, listening to my favorite songs every day has become a powerful source of motivation and inspiration. When faced with challenges, a few minutes of immersing myself in the lyrics and melodies can reignite my determination and resilience. It's as if the artists themselves are cheering me on, reminding me of my own strength and potential.

Music also offers a unique form of connection. I find solace in knowing that countless others have been moved and inspired by the same songs that resonate with me. In a world that can sometimes feel isolated, sharing a musical experience with others creates a sense of belonging and unity.


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