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Shelly Bell x Nike Billboard Reaction

When the team Nike sent me the images of the billboard I cried a cry for all the years I’ve spent going hard non-stop. I cried for all the years I’ve spent building BGV. I cried for all of the times people didn’t believe in what I was about to do. I cried for all of the sacrifice. I cried for all of the women founders who are pushing their mind, bodies, and souls to the limit for what they believe in. I released at least 5 years of pressure to go harder, run faster, be quicker, be smarter, and be better!! While this is only the beginning of the seeds planted beginning to grow, I had to stop and take a minute (more like hours, overnight, and the next morning) to cry. On this journey to change the world, you will change. Just make sure you’re changing into the person you want to be and making moves you love.

This Nike engagement is unprecedented. My team at BGV and I plan to find and support as many Black/Brown women founders/athletes/families/generations as time will possibly allow. I am more empowered now than ever. I built to this far empowered by how I made that teepee work when everyone thought I was crazy. My vision is bigger than the eye can see.

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